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Professional Real Estate Development Helps To Renew Urban Areas

Real estate in downtown, urban areas can begin to look worn down over time, which can eventually lead to abandonment of some properties. These areas can be refreshed and made to look new by professional real estate developers who step in with financing and with promising plans to rejuvenate these areas. Taking an area that […]

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The Zero Energy Home on Bird Island

Bird Island is an amazing, forward thinking, urban renewal project that is being undertaken in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A competition held by YTL Green Homes challenged eight architects and designers from across the globe to submit designs for six eco-friendly homes on Bird Island.

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Real Estate Developments: The New Broadway in Sydney, Australia

As part of the huge urban renewal project on the site of the old Carlton United Brewery, Fraser’s Broadway (masterminded by Singapore developer Stanley Quek) the University of Technology launched a competition to design the expansion of its Broadway campus.

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Infill Homes – Living in a Luxury Home Without Breaking The Bank

As a new generation of citizens are beginning to discover, the words infill homes and luxury accommodation do not have to be mutually exclusive.  Indeed, with many urban city centres both nationwide and worldwide recognising the positive aspects of new building projects, a new era of cost-effective luxury is fast approaching. What are infill homes? […]

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The Residences at The Westin Manila Sonata Place - Tower

A Prime Address for a Westin-branded Residences

The location of a property determines its appreciation value. Ortigas Center, for instance, is cited as a viable investment decision because of its growth as one of the most important headquarters of top corporations and prospering businesses in the Philippines.  Already home to several of the country’s iconic commercial centers, corporate headquarters, and civic structures, […]

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Is Property A Safe Haven Whilst The Stock Market Is Stormy?

Historically, as sharemarkets fall, investors head towards bricks and mortar. This time around though, as stocks are falling, the latest property data indicates a further tightening of already chronically low rental stocks. If the projections are accurate, rental yields will continue to rise, particularly in outer suburbs. Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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