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Save Energy and sustainability

4 Benefits of switching to an eco-friendly office

Furniture from less harmful raw materials increases the appreciation of corporate social responsibility and directly leads to a rise in profit. This is usually because you have a brand that differentiates itself from the pack and is enticing to customers who are eager to patronise your services. Social benefits  The social advantages in switching to […]

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9 Awesome Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tips for the Bathroom

As well as the many positive reasons for being eco-friendly, keeping your bedroom clean can ensure you get a great nights sleep. This infographic from Wimdu provides nine cleaning tips that will ensure your bedroom is both green and clean.     9 Awesome Eco-friendly bedroom cleaning tips [Infographic] by the team at Wimdu  

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Eco-Friendly Garden Furniture

There are many ways to go green in the garden. You can make your own organic fertilizer, abstain from pesticides, grow your own veggies, and plant a few trees. If you’re environmentally conscious when it comes to your yard, you’ll want to make sure this principle carries through to your garden furniture as well. Use […]

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How to Host an Eco-Friendly Dinner Party

“How to make the environment your guest of honour” It’s all well and good to be earth-conscious in our daily routines, but have you ever considered how far you steer from your green-living habits when it comes to festive occasions? There is a humdrum stigma attached to eco-friendly habits; a belief that you can’t host […]

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Inspiring Eco-Friendly Designs for your Home

Many people have concerns about the future of the planet and are looking for ways to live greener lives. With renewable materials and energy at the forefront of green issues, one of the areas where it is possible to have a positive effect on the environment is within the home. However, eco-friendly does not mean […]

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Thumbnail image for The Luxurious Eco-Friendly Bunker

The Luxurious Eco-Friendly Bunker

A home built into a hill-side is not a new concept. In fact, in many locations throughout the ages, they have been a practical way of regulating a home’s temperature. And, for aesthetic reasons, blending into the nature is considered environmentally sensitive. Soccer superstar, Gary Neville of Manchester United, plans to build a multi-million pound luxury eco-bunker into a hillside in the heart of rural Lancashire.

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Thumbnail image for Eco-Friendly: Your Bathroom can be an Eco-System

Eco-Friendly: Your Bathroom can be an Eco-System

Designer Jun Yasumoto has created one, using the principles of phyto-purification, a filtering process that recycles the water that is wasted. Normally used in ecological purification systems, an organic system re-cycles the water from the shower and basin allowing it to be reused.

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Sustainable Heating And Cooling Ideas That Can Be Incorporated Into Your Home's Design

Sustainable Heating And Cooling Ideas That Can Be Incorporated Into Your Home’s Design

All homeowners know just how expensive heating and cooling the home can get — roughly $1,856 is spent on home energy bills per U.S. household every year, with at least half this amount going toward heating and air conditioning. It’s no surprise, then, that homeowners are looking for more affordable and environmentally-friendly options. In particular, geothermal technology and […]

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Just deck it! Things to consider when transforming your pool area with a wooden deck

Having a pool at your home makes every day feel like a summer vacation.  When you have a pool, you’re able to cool off whenever you need to, and it’s what you fantasise about when you’re at work or running errands on a scorching hot summer’s day.  But, for the pool area to be everything […]

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skip bins

Skip Bins Filling Techniques that Should Benefit users in Adelaide, South Australia

Although skip bins collect trash, what you can put into the bin must be per the guidelines of proper waste management as stipulated by the bin hiring company.  While users are happy to fill the bins to keep their homes clean, the real job starts when the company that removes the waste and arranges for recycling. In […]

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