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Viral Marketing to the Rescue for Bushfire Housing

Bushfire Housing has been created to match the thousands of people left homeless and in need of emergency accommodation following the bushfire disasters in Victoria and New South Wales.   Bushfire Housing was created as an amazingly quick response by marketing group Sputnik Agency, to allow for local residents with room to share to list their offerings on the site, which then allows fire victims to browse for potential places to stay.

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Michael Marquette’s “View From The Bridge”: Australian Bushfires a National Tragedy

In what is a devastating and defining week for everyone in Australia, it is hard to put feelings into words. The somber mood around the country is all consuming and our hearts and prayers are with all those involved.

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Victorian Bushfire Appeals (with podcast)

With over 6,000 Australians now homeless due to unforgiving bushfires that have swept over Victoria, the Red Cross has been working around the clock to help support the now displaced, with food, shelter, and the support to hopefully build back what’s been lost.

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Bushfire Tragedy Brings Out The Good & The Bad (with podcast)

In what is a macabre, devastating and life changing week for everyone in Australia, it is hard to put feelings into words. The somber mood around the country is all consuming and our hearts and prayers are with all those involved.

It would be inappropriate and disrespectful to discuss property news in the middle of what is a national disaster, and therefore this week I will dedicate my article to the memory of those who have lost their lives.

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Hell’s Fury: The Australian Bushfires And What Can Be Done

No amount of words can express the devastation caused by the ravaging bushfires in Victoria that have caused unheralded suffering, loss of life, homelessness, and destroyed 200,000 hectares of land. The current toll is a shocking 108 dead with many unaccounted for, and 750 homes lost.

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FloodAid Website Helps Australian Flood Victims

Flood Aid aims to help those affected by the devastating floods that mother nature in Australia in 2011, by bringing volunteers and victims together.

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Good Causes: The Footpath Library Helps the Homeless

The Benjamin Andrew Footpath Library caters for the homeless of Sydney and Melbourne. It provides them with books and other reading material.

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Good Cause: PETA & Animal Cruelty – “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur”

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is a great cause that brings to attention animal cruelty and all it’s gruesome truths. Their infamous campaign “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” was a clever strategy to highlight a disgusting business.

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Sydney Real Estate: Homelessness Report

Sydney real estate agent Michael Marquette looks at the problems for living in Sydney and the effect unemployment and the credit crisis is having on homelessness, including the growing numbers of people being forced to sleep rough.

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