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Renting your home on Airbnb

Things you Should Consider Before Renting your Property on Airbnb in the UK

Registering your property out an Airbnb is pretty easy, but the registration process isn’t the end of it. You will need to deal with other issues like bad renters, upkeep of the property, and legal regulations. If you know what you are getting into ahead of time, you’ll be better prepared to take on the […]

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office space

Investing in UK Office Space

If you are interested in property investment, do not overlook the potential of the UK commercial sector. There are opportunities to invest in office space and other kinds of commercial buildings across the world and the profits to be made are good. In many parts of the world, the recession is ending and as a […]

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Homeworkers in the UK on the Rise

Talk to anyone you come across on the commute to work and you will find that a good number of them would rather work from the comfort of their homes. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as there are lots of benefits to gain from working from home; not least avoiding the weather in the […]

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UK House Price Adjustments Alleviate Bubble Fears

The news from Nationwide Building Society that annual property price growth in London slowed from 25.8% in Q2 2014 to 21% in Q3 2014, with the average price of a home in the capital hitting £401,072, was released at the same time the mortgage lender revealed the average price of a UK residential property fell […]

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UK Land Investment Offers Higher Return than Homes

The rising value of the UK’s housing stock has priced many investors out of the property market. But investing in land can offer the same levels of return. In fact, the growth in demand for residential land from housebuilders and developers explains why values have increased by 2% in the first six months of the […]

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KIVA Microfinance Update on Alivera Mukamukiza in Rwanda

Good news from the KIVA Organisation, who have revealed that Alivera Mukamukiza – a recipient of MarquetteTurner microfinance loans- has reached her target loan of $1,025 USD to help expand her business, a general store that sells a large variety of food and other items. Living in Kigali, Rwanda Alivera will use her loan to purchase […]

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Twister Restaurant Concept in Kiev, Ukraine: Sumptuous Design That’s Good Enough to Eat

When a restaurant “looks” sumptuous from the moment you walk in, your dining experience is already enhanced even before you’ve taken a bite of food. Twister is a restaurant proposed for Kiev, Ukraine by designers Sergey Makhno & Vasily Butenko. The furniture & sculptured interiors are outstanding.

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Clarence House, The New Home of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Following the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton, their now Royal Highnesses are set to move into Clarence House in London, the London property worth more than $76 million USD and also home to the Prince of Wales, his wife the Duchess of Cornwall, and Prince Harry.

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Tough Economic Times Making UK Overseas Property Investors More Savvy

Cashed-up overseas property investors from the UK are still active in the market despite tough economic times both at home and abroad. What has changed, however, is that they have become much more discerning.

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Tuka Orphanage in Bali – A Feel Good Story

Often we hear people say they are a caring/giving person and want to help the under privileged.   How many people do you know that actually do something?  Recently, friend of luxury real estate agent Christine Watson of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes Aleisha Ripley and her partner Ryan Kay had a holiday in Bali and this is Aleisha’s story.

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