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The Home of Vice-President-Elect: Joe Biden

The Democratic US Senator from Delaware, Joe Biden, is soon to be “former-Senator” when he becomes US Vice President in January 2009, currently calls Wilmington, Delaware home. His property is set on 1,803 sq ft and has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a swimming pool all amongst a stunning setting (images from Google Earth). Simon Turner […]

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America The Brave: Good Luck President-Elect Obama

In a world where the barriers of Nation States are barely barriers and the society and economies are global in every way, the victory of President-Elect Obama has caused excitement throughout the world that is similar to the fall of the Soviet Union and the bringing down of the Berlin Wall. It has been a […]

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Republican Presidential Candidate, Senator John McCain’s Former Home Up For Sale

The former home of Senator John McCain and his wife Cindy in Phoenix, Arizona will be going to auction on 25th October 2008 with a listing price of $US12 million. The existing owner, real estate developer Jane Popple, is hoping that that the prospect of owning a prospective President’s home will tip the balance in […]

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VOTE 2008 – What If The Whole World Could Vote In The US Presidential Election?

It’s a salivating thought for anyone that has an interest in the outcome of the US Presidential race, and the Economist magazine is providing the opportunity. I already had an interest prior to our visit to the US two weeks ago for the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate Awards, and hearing of the Economist’s […]

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Jerome Karam: A Friendswood Real Estate Developer Taking Action in the Heart of Texas City

As the founder and JMK5 Holdings LLC’s head of operations, Jerome M. Karam hasn’t only altered old estates into thriving commercial areas but has also breathed new life to areas devastated by flooding and hurricanes. One of his numerous endeavors which have added new zest into the heart of Galveston district is the new renovations at […]

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Why Is Luxury Real Estate Flourishing Right Now?

2017 is a wonderful year for luxury real estate and although there are still many months left, agents involved in this part of the industry are already satisfied with what happened. We are faced with numerous exciting developments, progressive trends, new technology and innovative design as with Tower 155, all leading towards good profits. Why […]

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Lawrence Park toronto canada

The Most Luxurious Neighborhoods in Toronto, Canada

Canada’s Toronto is a beautiful, always-changing city brimming with neighborhoods rich in character and prestige. Nestled in this fascinating patchwork of upscale neighborhoods are some of the most stunning luxury homes in Toronto. For the homebuyer that enjoys the finer thing in life, the city’s fast-growing, record-setting luxury housing market showcases an elite list of […]

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Speaking with Debby Speelziek – Home Building Is More Than Just a Career

“I really think a family’s home is one of the most special and sacred things there is,” Debby Speelziek begins as we sit down to talk about her career as a Canadian homebuilder. “I mean just think of your childhood home and all the warm, joyful memories that it held and provided. Is there anything […]

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The 69th and 70th Microfinance Loan to KIVA by Marquette Turner

Marquette Turner have just made our 69th and 70th microfinance loans to two groups of women in the African nation of Rwanda. Loans are made to micro-finance institutions to help build sustainable businesses to provide income to feed, clothe, house & educate someone in the developing world

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60 Per Cent of American Real Estate Sold to Foreigners and Investors

A recent study by Capital Economics that found that 60 per cent of property sales are to foreigners and investors, most of them paying cash. This is in addition to home sales being at a 50 year low, and existing home sales falling by nearly 10 per cent in February 2011 to their lowest level in nine years.

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