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Thumbnail image for Image of Newcastle Harbour from Quigley House, Stockton circa 1900

Image of Newcastle Harbour from Quigley House, Stockton circa 1900

It’s not often in Australia that houses over 100 years old are still standing, but that’s the case for Quigley House, an elegant, Victorian estate built by the Catholic Church in 1897 as a Convent. That’s what makes this photo from circa 1900 all the more special. Taken from the upstairs verandahs of the front of the property you can see tall-ships galore in Newcastle Harbour, which themselves would now more likely to be found in a maritime museum.

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Thumbnail image for Sydney Real Estate Agent: Michael Marquette Moves from Newcastle to Sydney (Expose part 7)

Sydney Real Estate Agent: Michael Marquette Moves from Newcastle to Sydney (Expose part 7)

EXPOSE (part 7) – My move to “The Big Smoke”: My first permanent Sydney home was at the Wharf in Woolloomooloo – I remember the day we moved in and the day we moved out. The building is stunning but not an easy one to move furniture in and out of – the joys of moving!

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The Future of Newcastle – Thanks to GPT

After years (at least 20 – maybe even 30) the money to revitalize the city of Newcastle is on the way. After the Newcastle Earthquake in 1989 there were as expected – losers and winners. Hamilton did well although the movement of shops into shopping malls outside the city in the suburbs didn’t assist the […]

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Newcastle – The Forgotten City

Marquette Turner Luxury Homes does a considerable amount of work with clients in Newcastle selling their Luxury Homes. They want the wonderful features of the city to be properly and fully communicated to a national and international audience – it’s sad that the “local” agents focus on advertising in the local newspaper, which I must […]

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Thumbnail image for Luxury Homes: The Untapped Lifestyle Opportunities of Newcastle, NSW

Luxury Homes: The Untapped Lifestyle Opportunities of Newcastle, NSW

It’s not often that a property is so unique, unknown, well positioned and tightly held. Newcastle, the second city of Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales. And, as the only Luxury agency covering Newcastle, Marquette Turner Luxury Homes truly recognize the merits of the city that should absolutely rate upon the real estate radar of more people when looking for a new home with a fantastic lifestyle and many other opportunities. Michael Marquette

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Luxury Home: Newcastle Penthouse

This stunning and luxurious penthouse apartment has magnificent, uninterrupted sweeping views of Newcastle beach and has been renovated to exacting, international standards. View this stunning penthouse on the website of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes by selecting any of the images above.   For more information please contact Michael Marquette on +61 433 170 170 or […]

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Where to Buy in Newcastle, NSW (Australia)?

Are you considering a sea change or thinking about which suburbs are in most demand in Newcastle? If you are this information is essential reading. Earlier in the week I wrote about the massive 85% drop in sales in July this year compared to the same month last year for property in the City of […]

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Newcastle Property Sales Down 85% in July!

Sales in Newcastle were down by a massive 85% in July, compared to the same month last year. This is a staggering decrease in sales volumes which is causing enormous problems for agencies which sell average suburban properties. Luxury Home prices have remained steady although the practice of real estate agents overpricing property is alive […]

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How Australian Capital Cities Grow

The urbanites among us know all too well the continuous growth of our capital cities. We’re exposed to the factors of growth on a daily basis; whether it is upgrades to our transportation systems, property development, or even new cultural initiatives to drive tourism to the area. On a social level, we must also consider […]

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How to Choose the Ideal Home for Your Family

Probably one of the most challenging tasks in one’s life is choosing a home for your family. When you are planning to purchase a property for your loved ones, be sure to take into consideration everything first. It might be hard to find the ideal home for all of you, but if you plan well, […]

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