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Buying Real Estate in New Zealand is Becoming Easier

Our good friend in New Zealand, Terry Spice, writes: Changes to New Zealand business migration laws, due to take effect at the end of November, is good news for those seeking residency in New Zealand. More than 12,000 people have registered their interest under the new Entrepreneur Plus immigration category, which offers a fast track to residency for those who invest $500,000NZD in their NZ business and create three fulltime jobs.

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Buying Real Estate Throughout the World Has Become Cheaper

Simon Turner of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes writes: With global barriers becoming of less and less importance, we have found that our properties are being purchased by buyers from a different country, or by buyers that have substantial assets externally. Moving funds around the world to purchase these properties can often be expensive, once fees and currencies are taken into account. In recognising this, Marquette Turner Luxury Homes are excited to partner with Associated Foreign Exchange (AFEX).

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Buying Real Estate: Is Now a Good Time?

Michael Marquette of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes writes: One of the most common questions is when is the right time to buy property? Australians have seen property prices hold firm, relative to many other countries around the World. It’s a fact that more than 70 per cent of Australians aged 25 or over believe that now is the right time to purchase property – this is welcome news for those looking to sell property.

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Buying Real Estate in Malta

The Maltese Islands, consisting of Malta, Gozo and Comino, cover an area of about 320 square kilometres and have a population of about 400,000. The islands are located in the centre of the Mediterranean just south of Sicily. English is, with Maltese, an official language and is spoken by practically everyone. Laws are published in English and Maltese, and business correspondence is usually conducted in English. A number of real estate projects currently exist, aimed at providing qualitative properties to foreigners wishing to invest in Malta.

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Buying Real Estate: Changes to the First Home Owner Grant – the facts

First home buyers of any type of property in NSW will be eligible for a $7000 grant for the purchase of any property – a new or existing dwelling. This is called the NSW first home owner grant. To be eligible for the additional supplement of $3000 you must purchase between November 11 2008 and June 30 2010. This is called the NSW Home Buyers Supplement.

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Buying Real Estate: Vendor Finance Explained

As Michael Marquette explains, vendor finance is a way of purchasing a property and the seller (or vendor) is actually the person lending you the money. Vendor finance is most common in large developments but can occur in any situation – even the purchase of a single apartment or house.

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Buying Real Estate: Know the Limits When Buying Strata-Title Properties in Australia

Shane McNally from Australian Property Investor writes: Around Australia, commonsense plays a major role in defining common and private property but the experts urge investors to take nothing for granted. Understanding your rights and obligations, they say, could prevent a lot of heartache and expense at a later stage. The states and territories vary in […]

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Buying Australian Real Estate: Fractional Ownership has Enormous Potential

Michael Marquette looks at the opportunity of fractional ownership of Australian real estate, particularly in relation to Sunshine Coast real estate and Gold Coast real estate. This system of ownership makes a lot of sense, particularly in response to the cost of real estate and compared to time share.

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What You Need To Know Before Investing In Indiana Real Estate

Real estate investing can be incredibly profitable. However, whether you are flipping houses or building a rental property portfolio, just how profitable it is for you depends a lot on knowing your market. You’ve already know that “all real estate is local.” Each market is a little different. Knowing these subtlties will make or break […]

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Home Buying Basics in North Carolina

Buying a home is a lengthy process. There are many steps that you need to go through during this process. And each state in the US has a different approach when it comes to home buying. That’s why we decided to give you the home buying basics in North Carolina as it is a very […]

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